Our Story


Say Hi Beauty started operations in 2017 under the M.Earth brand; Originally from San Francisco de Macorís, Duarte Province, Dominican Republic our CEO and Founder Katherine Jimenez begins this beautiful journey of creating a line of hair products with natural ingredients, cocoa being the main ingredient and base of her products, motivated in large part by disappointment with trying various strengthening and moisturizing products for her own hair.


In the year 2019, on the eve of a global pandemic, Say Hi Beauty (formerly M.Earth) decides to insert 2 new products to expand hair care: Say Hi Blonde (Pre-Poo) and Hey Green Mix (Nourishing Mask) thus continuing with the brand's positioning throughout the country, making its products reach the main areas and provinces through the use of authorized distributors, usually single mothers or girls who decide to have extra income.


After the COVID-19 pandemic, in the year 2021 we make the official launch of the new brand SAY HI BEAUTY returning to the place where we were born (San Francisco de Macoris) and we open our first Store in the National District with a "Beauty Spot" where we have stylists for the application of Say Hi Beauty products.


We are a young company, our history is still being written and we thank all the people who have supported us and continue to support us since the beginning.


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